Glass bongs in Denver

Written By Walter Leonard 12/5/2017

If your in Denver we have a place for you that will have you in amazement. They have the best glass bongs in Denver.

With some glass pipes starting off at one million dollars.  Illuzion Glass Galleries are one of the best in the country.

You can pick up pipe accessories too. Get a nice custom made bowl, or a glass banger for your cool new oil rig. you can also get rolling papers, lighters, torches, vape pens and tons more. Get a nice glass chillum for about $25 that will knock your socks off.

So be sure to stop into Illuzion Glass Galleries for your next  high end glass hand pipe or just to walk around checking out the nice glass bongs, pipes and chillums they have displayed there on your next cannabis vacation to Denver, Colorado.

not glass bongs in Denver
Looking for Glass bongs in Denver , Colorado? Well we have the best place  listed here. This is the premiere glass shop in Denver.

 Illuzion glass gallery has some one of a kind bongs you will oggle over. Hide your wallet.

Ifyour wallet can handle it you can pick up a nice water pipe. The greatemployees there will wrap it up nice and safe for you, for the trip

If you buy a very expensive piece you get a free hard case to
carry it in or even better you can get it shipped to you in a matter of

You can get a nice pipe for around $700 and up that you won't find at any other shop in the world.

Here you can see the variuos types of pipes they have like this minoin.

Get your glass bongs in Denver on your next trip.

glass water pipes in Denver